General Aviation and the Grumman AA-5B Tiger


3 Months of Owning an Airplane — The Wows and WTFs!

It’s been three months of owning an airplane and last week my autopilot fell out of the panel and onto the floor on initial climb after takeoff! That sucked. But


A borescope for airplane inspection

I bought a borescope to monitor my engine but found there were a ton of other uses. I’m a big fan of aviation podcasts and one of my favorites is


Inflating aircraft tires with wheelpants

Checking and inflating my airplane’s tire pressure was going to be a chore with the wheel pants, but I found a set of tools that helped make it easy. My


Why I bought the Grumman AA-5B Tiger

My goal, my dream is to fly as much as possible. I fly for the joy and the recreation of it. I fly to see new things. I fly to

Hi, I’m Alex.





Greetings! I’m a private pilot and an aircraft owner. I’m born and raised in California and now living in Wisconsin. I fly for the mental challenge, physical engagement, and the zen of the experience. I try to fly solo, with my family, and with our beagle any chance I get.

In this space I’ll share some of my experiences with general aviation, well, generally. And I’ll share some of the tools, tips, and knowledge I’ve gained about owning a Grumman Tiger specifically.

“I fly because it releases my mind form the tyranny of petty things.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry