“I fly because it releases my mind form the tyranny of petty things.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



I purchased my Tiger in January of 2023. It’s my first airplane. I purchased it so I could fly it weekly solo for the zen and the joy of it. I also wanted to be able to haul my family (me, my wife, and two kids) for both short day trips and for long vacations. And, I wanted to find opportunities to do good such as volunteering for the EAA Young Eagles program and Pilots N Paws. I considered many different airplanes and always kept coming back to the Tiger. So, when Excel Air (who specializes in Grumman’s) had one listed that checked all of my boxes I jumped on it. I’ve been very satisfied with the decision.

Alex with his new Grumman Tiger
First day home with the new to me Grumman Tiger.


Grumman AA-5B Tiger at the hangar with light snow

1979 Grumman American

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The specs of the Grumman Tiger is a sweet spot for me that balanced cost of ownership, joy of flying, and utility of having a family of four. It’s at the top of the tier for its class before having to make a bigger step up into a high performance, complex aircraft. Grumman Owners & Pilots Association has the full specs, but here are some highlights:

  • 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A4k
  • 51 gallons useable fuel
  • 139 knot cruise speed
  • 850 knot rate of climb
  • 10.5 gph cruise
  • 554 nm cruise range (45m reserve)
  • 13,800 ft service ceiling
  • ~900 lb useful load

AA-5B drawing

Alex in the Grumman


  • Century II autopilot
  • Avidyne IFD440 GPS/Nav/Com/FMS
  • Garmin CDI
  • Narco Nav122 w/GS
  • King KY97A Com
  • Avidyne AXP340 Transponder ADS-B
  • Garmin GMA340 Audio
  • Electronics International FP5L fuel monitor
  • E.I. EGT/CHT switch-select temp monitor